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The Cliff Henricksen Band is a Boston-area amplified ensemble, and is fully-equipped with the famous Bose L1™ sound systems, allowing the band to perform and deliver unmatched beauty and clarity in any environment, from an intimate living-room house concert to a 400-seat auditorium.  Because everyone sings and plays, the presentation is unusually rich and full for a quartet.  Cliff is fully-acknowledged as the inventor of the L1™ and is now enjoying the fruits of these labors as an independent artist.The band includes music veterans Tom Beier, Tom Yates, and Gary Jenkins and plays an authentic mix of New American Rock and Soul™ music. The band, described by Chris Bergeron of the Metrowest Daily news as “four very talented area musicians-vocalists who’ve ridden virtually every major musical wave from rock to blues and jazz to funk which they whip together into their own heady brew.”, brings more than 100 years combined musical experience in club bands, recording sessions with big names, touring groups, the Boston Club scene and beyond.

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Cliff Henricksen

Tom Yates

Tom Beier

Gary Jenkins

Cliff Henricksen is composer, lead singer, piano/organ player and band leader.  He was born in Kew Gardens, NY, to a musical family.  His father, Bill, became a noted society band leader and square dance caller in the New York area.  Cliff began playing piano in 1957, learning to play by ear by listening to recordings of Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Bobby Peterson and Little Richard. A full musical resume can be found here: 

Tom Yates is guitarist and vocalist. Born in Houston, Texas and now makes his home in Stow, MA.  After a couple of years or playing in Holiday Inns and Playboy Clubs, he played on numerous Boston-area recording sessions, including several years as member of the house band at the famous AAA Studio.  After touring with the “Estes Boys” in the '70's, Tom played with “Fair, Yates and Betschart”, a trio performing an eclectic mix of pop, folk and art rock music to standing-room only crowds. He has also played with some of the areas top country performers such as Tina Welch, Dick Curless, and John Lincoln Wright.  In his collection of over 25 vintage and custom guitars Tom selects a '63 Strat and a '68 Les PaulCustom as his favorites. Tom gets inspiration from the work of Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Danny Gatton, Lenny Breau, Johnny Winter, David Lyndley, and Chet Atkins.

Tom Beier plays drums and sings.  He was born and raised in the scenic town of Duluth, Minnesota on the tip of the Lake Superior. He grew up in a musical family. In the 6th grade he landed his first paying gig playing drums with an established cover band. He was also a featured soloist in the “Duluth Boys Chorus”. Tom moved to Miami, FL to join the rock group “Sunlending” as lead singer and keyboardist. The band toured the US and went on to record with producer-engineer Eric Schilling (Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Shakira.) It was during this time Tom learned his way around the studio and honed his songwriting and production chops. Tom then moved on and formed BEiER Rhythms (pronounced Buyer Rhythms) with lyricist Rossi Kane. Since then BEiER Rhythms award-winning music has aired on major network TV and has been covered by other artists. Currently Tom works out of his studio, The Sonic Palace in Framingham, Massachusetts, continually writing and producing for a variety of projects.

Gary Jenkins is Bassist and vocalist  He is a veteran of the Boston music scene and has been playing professionally in the area for many years. He brings a diverse background to the group acquired from a wide variety of musical styles. Originally from New York, and raised in Europe he is presently living in Acton where he operates his own recording studio. He is an accomplished songwriter, producer, engineer and plays the Steinberger / Synapse bass as an endorsing artist.  Gary is heavily involved in production of all the recording projects for the band.